Caring for your new tutus & princess couture...

General Care
As we all know Princesses work quite hard making sure that everything in their kingdoms are running smoothly. Frequently this can involve getting one's hands...and sometimes (gasp) even their tutus dirty. Fear not, all Deocrated Duckling products are washable.

All onesie tutus can be turned inside out and machine-washed on the "hand-wash" or "delicate" cycle of your machine. Hang garment to dry and if needed use a warm iron (silk/rayon setting) if needed. Do not iron painted embellishments. For the Bling-Bling tutus/t-shirts occasionally turning the garment inside out and ironing over the embellishment will strengthen the adhesive keeping the crystals in place longer.

Ideally hand-washing is best for the Petal Tutus and spot cleaning is recommended for the Poofy Princesses.

Help! My tutu is flat!!!! What do I do?!?!
When your tutus arrive they will be flat and smooshed from traveling. The great thing about tulle is with a little pulling and scrunching they'll fluff right up.

Grab the the tulle so that onesie/t-shirt falls down...

Pull the outer layers apart all the way round the skirt...
...then pull the inner layers of tulle apart all the way around the skirt.
If you're still looking for more volume you can take the tulle and scrunch it in your hands. The tulle on the skirts will continue to soften and fluff up each time you wash the garment.
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