Thank you.

Just a quick note to anyone who runs across this as the result of an internet search, I have officially closed my Decorated Duckling doors. I loved making tutus and outfitting little ones in the frilly and fancy but my focus has moved on from little girls and tutus to cheer bows as my girls have grown up.

I had a blast seeing my creations go out around the U.S. and being worn by princesses everywhere. I learned so much in terms of owning a business as well as sewing and being creative.

There are many talented seamstresses on-line as well as cheap-o boutiques where you can find many awesome things- search around, seek and find.

Best wishes to all and thank you for all the years of business-

And now for something completely different...

So my girls are growing up. Sad, but true (sniff, sniff...although they only seem to be 'old' enough to have started copping attitudes but still unable to fix a complete breakfast for themselves thus allowing me to sleep in...hmmmm, very interesting). And while my youngest is still only two (which I'm going to hold onto thankyouverymuch despite the fact that she's going to be THREE in two month...yikes!) I feel like I've done the tutu thing and am ready to move on.

That doesn't mean I won't still do tutus- I love my Princess Pea tutu for the wee little babes and the Oopsie Daisy! tutu is so fun for the bigger girls. My older girls wear the Oopsie Daisy! tutus to school with funky leggings and sweaters, solid color tanks or long-sleeve t-shirts depending on what this fabulous Wisconsin weather is throwing at us on any given day.

But I felt like with my love of very expensive clothing lines and lust for fabulous fabrics it was time for me to expand into some clothing. It started off with some funky ruffle pants I did for my older girls and has developed into whimsical and crazy knot dresses.

Tomorrow I'm handing my first knot dress and pantaloon set off to be sold! Well, that is optimistic, I say 'sold' but really I'm just hoping for some good feedback from the loverly ladies who will be attending a 'thirty-one' purse party this weekend. I'm hoping, if they are anything like the ladies from my 'hood, that they will be kind in their criticisms and/or compliments after they've had a few drinkie-poos. Anyhow, if it sells, great...grand even! That lets me know that the next endeavor that I'm dreaming of is ready to become a reality. Otherwise I'm happy to hear what other stylish, shopping moms have to say about my work.

That is the first set that will be set free into the wild blue yonder tomorrow morning:

Here is the set that I have named "Surely You Jest" because I love the harlequin pattern at the bodice as well as repeated on the ribbon detail.

Below you can see an up close shot of the ribbon detail as well as a fun button that I thought just needed to be on there as well!

The super comfy jersey knit pants have an elastic waistband a ruffle hem with the same fabric that appears on one of the panels of the dress. I threatened to make a pair of these in my size and wear them out to husband didn't think I was funny (as usual).

So there you have it. This is what I've been filling in my day with when the bon-bons and Tivo recordings run out. I've decided to name this section of the Decorated Duckling "The Funky Duck" which I think aptly gives a description of these whimsical and, well, funky dresses and pants.



Welcome to The Decorated Duckling!

Welcome to the Decorated Duckling on-line! We don't have any fancy shopping carts on the site(besides people are always leaving their carts out which inevitably find their way to your car leaving a door ding) so if you see something you like feel free to drop me a line at decorated_duckling at yahoo dot com. The good news is that there’s a flat $4.95 (per address*) shipping rate so buy one or stock up on gifts and it’s the same $4.95.

Princess Pea Tutu: This onesie is for the youngest of princesses. Four layers of tulle make up this darling tutu with a satin ribbon rose at the neckline. The tulle is only sewn on the front of the garment so that baby can lie down and play comfortably because let’s face it, who wants a crabby princess? Perfect as a shower gift or as a "coming home" outfit for your newborn princess! Your choice of light pink (as shown) or lilac.

Sizes: 0-3 mos., 3-6 mos. and 6-12 mos.

Cost: Short-sleeve-$16 and long-sleeve-$20

Oopsie Daisy! Tutus: Oh my goodness are these cute enough to eat! With names like Cotton Candy Dandy, Spiced Autumn CIder, Purple People Eater, Black, Red and Licorice All Over and 50s Diner Darling these cute tutus will keep your girlie girl completely fashionable.

One size fits all (18 mos. through sz. 8)

Cotton Candy Dandy (pink, pink and more pink!)
Spiced Autumn Cider (browns, oranges and peach)
Purple People Eater (purple and green- totally keen!)
Black, Red & Licorice All Over (black, red and...a splash of white)
50s Diner Darling (hot pink and black-- remniscent of the Poodle skirts of yesteryear)

Cost: $35
Purple People Eater

Spiced Autumn Cider

Fancy Flower Fairy Tutu: Beautiful rose petals float effortlessly in layers of tulle while your princess twirls around the kingdom (or living room). These tutus are easily tied on with satin ribbon at the waist. Because of the tie this tutu can grow with your princess and accommodates various waist sizes from 18 mos. up. Your choice of color combinations- lilac, pink or red (see below for descriptions).

one size fits all 18 mos. to 24 " waist

Lilac (lilac tulle, white ribbon sash, white/lilac petals),
Pink (pink tulle, pink ribbon sash, white/pink petals)
Red (white tulle, white ribbon sash, red petals)


Poofy Princess- There's no other word to describe this tutu than 'poofy'! This tutu features yards and yards of tulle on an elastic waistband which makes for easy on and easy off for girls on the go. Spot clean only.

Sizes & Prices:
Small (16"-19" waist...0-24 mos./2T) $25
Medium (20"-24" waist...3T-6T) $25
Large (24 1/2" waist and up) $25

Custom adult sizes available for $35

Featured here is our Raspberry Sorbet (dark pink, light pink and white) styles...customize by picking your choice of up to three colors or doing a solid color!

Want to show some team spirit? These are a great way to do so with your favorite team's colors, whether you cheer for a local team or a professional NFL or NCAA team we've got your colors covered! Below are tutus inspired by the Green Bay Packers and the University of Texas to name a few!

see exactly what you're looking for? No problem, we can custom design a tutu for you and your princess. Drop me an e-mail to discuss sizes, color options and creative ideas.

To place an order or inquire about any of our products, please feel free to contact me at decorated_duckling@yahoo dot com.

Cheers and may all your days be "happily ever afters"-
Carrie Duck, Owner
The Decorated Duckling

*If you purchase more than one item and want them sent to different addresses we can work to consolidating shipping

Want something to smile about while twirling in your new tutu?

The Decorated Duckling is proud to announce that a percentage of each sale will be donated to two charities* that assist families with long-term medical needs. That means the tutu you purchased is helping to make life a little easier for those who are going through rough and worrisome times.

Family House, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers a home away from home to those who are traveling great distances while seeking treatment for serious or life-threatening illnesses in Pittsburgh area hospitals. Started in 1983 Family House has expanded to three locations which allow patients and family to stay in a home-type environment at reasonable rates. Sometimes just getting out of the treatment facility can give a much needed break as well as create a sense of normalcy in a time when patients are facing critical illnesses.

Texas Children’s Hospital, in Houston, Texas, is world-renowned for their breakthrough treatments for premature births, cancer, diabetes, cardiogenic disorders and asthma. Adults have the experience to know that doctors are helpful and hospitals are places for “getting better”, however these are two very scary concepts to the youngest of patients. TCH strives to treat each of their patients with dignity, respect and compassion. In addition to monetary donations The Decorated Duckling has also donated tutus to be used in the Community Rooms where the children can play and, even if for only a small while, forget about their illnesses and treatments.

In addition to donating tutus to TCH my daughters helped me hand-deliver a heap of tutus to the American Family Children's Hospital here in Madison, WI. We wish the very best to the smallest patients out there.

Help a children's hospital in your state! One children's hospital in the state with the most orders for the 2008 year will receive a shipment of tutus from us. When you order be sure to nominate a children's hospital in your state. At year's end we will post the winning state and hospital to be awarded the tutus.

*These two organizations were recommended to us by two family members and we appreciate their time and effort in assisting us in identifying these deserving and outstanding facilities.

Previously Outfitted Princesses...

Thank you so much!!! It turned out so great and after seeing what other people and kids were wearing, I would not have been able to find anything out there as cute and so perfect for her wings! I think some people were mad we didn't get the tutu at the faire because they couldn't get one for their kids.
~Carrie C., Houston, TX
I love, love, love it!
~Kelly C., Tustin, CA
I just want to let you know the tutu came today and it is darling. I can't wait till Christmas so she gets it next week when football season starts.
~Shannon C., Kansas
The Decorated Duckling was a wonderful experience. Carrie makes incredible tutus at a reasonable price. I love everything about her designs and each one is hand made. I am a photographer in Pennsylvania and have used her tutu in many of my shoots. I plan to buy some more tutus to use for my sweet little clients.
~Kate P., Owner, Indigo Bleu Photography, Philadelphia, PA
I purchased a tutu for my 5 year old niece, she wears it all the time. In ‘kidspeak’, the tutus are the best! It is even going to be incorporated into her Halloween costume.
~Katie S., Minneapolis, MN
The tutu was beautiful and fit for a princess! My niece loves it, and I will continue to use The Decorated Duckling for all my tutu needs!" ~Estella H., Fort Carson, CO
My daughter just loves her tutu from The Decorated Duckling. Not only does she wear it around the house, but it has been to ballet class several times as well. She feels like a princess in training : ) It's the perfect gift for any girl- at any age. Thanks!
~Tricia in Texas

May all of your princess's dreams come true...

Got tutus?

Nothing makes childhood more magical than yards and yards of tulle fashioned into fun tutus.

Here are some ideas for incorporating tutus into everyday life:

* Dress-up fun

* Unique baby shower gift

* Newborn gift for that brand-new Princess

* Party outfit for the Birthday Girl

* Gift to bring for the Birthday Girl

* Wear them for formal portraits at birthdays, holidays and other special events

* Costumes for Halloween and parties

* Our Infant Tutu Onesie is a perfect choice for bringing home baby from the hospital, what's more comfy than a nice, soft cotton onesie?

* The Petal Onesies are a great alternative to pricey flower girls dresses...comfy, inexpensive and reusable!

Caring for your new tutus & princess couture...

General Care
As we all know Princesses work quite hard making sure that everything in their kingdoms are running smoothly. Frequently this can involve getting one's hands...and sometimes (gasp) even their tutus dirty. Fear not, all Deocrated Duckling products are washable.

All onesie tutus can be turned inside out and machine-washed on the "hand-wash" or "delicate" cycle of your machine. Hang garment to dry and if needed use a warm iron (silk/rayon setting) if needed. Do not iron painted embellishments. For the Bling-Bling tutus/t-shirts occasionally turning the garment inside out and ironing over the embellishment will strengthen the adhesive keeping the crystals in place longer.

Ideally hand-washing is best for the Petal Tutus and spot cleaning is recommended for the Poofy Princesses.

Help! My tutu is flat!!!! What do I do?!?!
When your tutus arrive they will be flat and smooshed from traveling. The great thing about tulle is with a little pulling and scrunching they'll fluff right up.

Grab the the tulle so that onesie/t-shirt falls down...

Pull the outer layers apart all the way round the skirt...
...then pull the inner layers of tulle apart all the way around the skirt.
If you're still looking for more volume you can take the tulle and scrunch it in your hands. The tulle on the skirts will continue to soften and fluff up each time you wash the garment.
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