Want something to smile about while twirling in your new tutu?

The Decorated Duckling is proud to announce that a percentage of each sale will be donated to two charities* that assist families with long-term medical needs. That means the tutu you purchased is helping to make life a little easier for those who are going through rough and worrisome times.

Family House, located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, offers a home away from home to those who are traveling great distances while seeking treatment for serious or life-threatening illnesses in Pittsburgh area hospitals. Started in 1983 Family House has expanded to three locations which allow patients and family to stay in a home-type environment at reasonable rates. Sometimes just getting out of the treatment facility can give a much needed break as well as create a sense of normalcy in a time when patients are facing critical illnesses.

Texas Children’s Hospital, in Houston, Texas, is world-renowned for their breakthrough treatments for premature births, cancer, diabetes, cardiogenic disorders and asthma. Adults have the experience to know that doctors are helpful and hospitals are places for “getting better”, however these are two very scary concepts to the youngest of patients. TCH strives to treat each of their patients with dignity, respect and compassion. In addition to monetary donations The Decorated Duckling has also donated tutus to be used in the Community Rooms where the children can play and, even if for only a small while, forget about their illnesses and treatments.

In addition to donating tutus to TCH my daughters helped me hand-deliver a heap of tutus to the American Family Children's Hospital here in Madison, WI. We wish the very best to the smallest patients out there.

Help a children's hospital in your state! One children's hospital in the state with the most orders for the 2008 year will receive a shipment of tutus from us. When you order be sure to nominate a children's hospital in your state. At year's end we will post the winning state and hospital to be awarded the tutus.

*These two organizations were recommended to us by two family members and we appreciate their time and effort in assisting us in identifying these deserving and outstanding facilities.
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