And now for something completely different...

So my girls are growing up. Sad, but true (sniff, sniff...although they only seem to be 'old' enough to have started copping attitudes but still unable to fix a complete breakfast for themselves thus allowing me to sleep in...hmmmm, very interesting). And while my youngest is still only two (which I'm going to hold onto thankyouverymuch despite the fact that she's going to be THREE in two month...yikes!) I feel like I've done the tutu thing and am ready to move on.

That doesn't mean I won't still do tutus- I love my Princess Pea tutu for the wee little babes and the Oopsie Daisy! tutu is so fun for the bigger girls. My older girls wear the Oopsie Daisy! tutus to school with funky leggings and sweaters, solid color tanks or long-sleeve t-shirts depending on what this fabulous Wisconsin weather is throwing at us on any given day.

But I felt like with my love of very expensive clothing lines and lust for fabulous fabrics it was time for me to expand into some clothing. It started off with some funky ruffle pants I did for my older girls and has developed into whimsical and crazy knot dresses.

Tomorrow I'm handing my first knot dress and pantaloon set off to be sold! Well, that is optimistic, I say 'sold' but really I'm just hoping for some good feedback from the loverly ladies who will be attending a 'thirty-one' purse party this weekend. I'm hoping, if they are anything like the ladies from my 'hood, that they will be kind in their criticisms and/or compliments after they've had a few drinkie-poos. Anyhow, if it sells, great...grand even! That lets me know that the next endeavor that I'm dreaming of is ready to become a reality. Otherwise I'm happy to hear what other stylish, shopping moms have to say about my work.

That is the first set that will be set free into the wild blue yonder tomorrow morning:

Here is the set that I have named "Surely You Jest" because I love the harlequin pattern at the bodice as well as repeated on the ribbon detail.

Below you can see an up close shot of the ribbon detail as well as a fun button that I thought just needed to be on there as well!

The super comfy jersey knit pants have an elastic waistband a ruffle hem with the same fabric that appears on one of the panels of the dress. I threatened to make a pair of these in my size and wear them out to husband didn't think I was funny (as usual).

So there you have it. This is what I've been filling in my day with when the bon-bons and Tivo recordings run out. I've decided to name this section of the Decorated Duckling "The Funky Duck" which I think aptly gives a description of these whimsical and, well, funky dresses and pants.


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